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Pet Vet online Society is a non-profit welfare society. Our mission is to engage the hands, hearts, and minds of the vet and non-vet community to work for animal’s welfare. We are trying to create a safer and more compassionate world for animals.

We are a group of veterinarians who work for animal’s welfare, including dogs, cats, birds, livestock, etc. Our core values ​​are to love pets and involving the community in this mission.

Pet Vet Online Society provides these facilities to pets and animals such as:

  • Provide shelter to homeless pets and animals

  • Reunite the lost pets to their families

  • Promote pet adoption 

  • Educate the community to be a responsible pet parent.

  • Free treatment to injured or diseased homeless pets.

Note: Our annual budget of more than 50% came from fundraising and private donations and others from adoption fees, online services, and sales.

Our Team

Dr. Tahira Mukhtar

Certified Veterinarian

Dr. Umair Aziz

Certified Veterinarian