Top 10 Tips For Feeding Your Puppy, Feeding your Puppy Guide

feeding your puppy
Tips for feeding your puppy

In the pet world of today, we all know dogs need to be properly taken care of from birth if we want them to grow into healthy adult pets. We need to focus on their eating habits and overall nutrition. Also, we all know that puppies need to be fed more times a day than grown dogs.

Consistency is the name of the game though. Being consistent with feeding your puppy helps you. If you feed them regularly they will give you a regular bowel movement, and stay healthy all the time.

To have healthy and happy puppies, you need to feed them the right foods. Feeding a puppy the proper nutrients is crucial to their growth. Establishing a feeding schedule is also important.

Mostly, some people like feeding their puppies dry foods, this is because it is the kind of food that has no irritating or bad odor to puppies with easy storage, well preserved, and also reduces tartar.

We best advise you to go for the best dry food that follow AAFCO standards, which is considered the best food for your puppy so far.

We have made ready the top tips you can use in feeding your puppy without stress and following these tips will surely keep your puppy stay healthy.

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 10 Tips For Feeding Your Puppy

The fact that you are looking for tips on puppy feeding means that you probably have a new one to take care of.

Perhaps, a look at the following 10 important tips on feeding a puppy will be of help.

  1. First, you should only select your puppy’s food after reading and evaluating the ingredients written on the label. It may not be easier for you to choose, you can start with a superfood. This superfood is grain-free, contains all-natural ingredients, and encompasses fresh meat as the main component.
  1. Regarding weight and age, always feed your puppy after measuring the proper amount of food and feed them consistently.
  1. Try to supervise your puppy while feeding, this is to let act normal. Train your puppy in the way that nothing ever comes for free, making your puppy “sit” and “wait” for food. This way, your puppy will learn to obey, and it will also induce good behaviors.
  1. Feeding your puppy immediately before and after a good session of exercise is not advisable. The best way is to wait for at least an hour between food and activity. Also, training your puppy to rest immediately after eating will help prevent tummy-related problems.
  1. When feeding your puppy, always select a quiet place away from the hustle and bustle, a clean location, and a neat food plate. Don’t let anyone come near when your puppy is eating, because puppies are very protective of their food.
  1. Feed your puppy according to its needs; for example, if your puppy is still breastfeeding on its mother, try to provide one tablespoon of food five to six times a day. Continue this practice for up to 2 months. From 2-4 months, four meals a day, from 4-6 months two to three meals a day, and after six months, make a routine of two meals a day.
  1. Consult your veterinary doctor regularly to know the health status, weight, and food intake of your puppy. Avoid human foods because they can dangerous for your pup.
  1. If your puppy suffers from any special conditions, you may need to change his diet to any prescribed diet. Always consult your vet first.
  1. If you want a change to your puppy’s food, modify it slowly and gradually. It would help if you started by mixing a small amount of new food with old food, with time, increase the percentage of the new food each day.
  1. Do not feed your puppy with foods that are high in sugars, salt, and fats, as these can lead to serious health problems. Know what you feed your puppy. You can choose treats that are made of natural or animal resources.



Keeping your puppy happy and healthy requires lots of commitments. Give your puppy the best food and optimal exercise. Take proper guidance from your vet on how you can help your puppy and protect him from different health problems.

Don’t know where to get the best superfoods? You can choose superfoods , best suit your puppy’s needs.

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